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Khaltsha Cycling Academy

We are on a transformative journey as a pioneer in empowering young girls. We are dedicated to creating a lasting impact on lives, communities, and the world through cycling.

Bicycles As Agents of Change

In the heart of South Africa, bicycles can be catalysts for transformative change, breaking down barriers and unlocking possibilities. We are trailblazers combining education, mentorship, and personal development to empower young girls.​ Our unique programmes break the mould, showcasing a dynamic and fresh approach to female empowerment through cycling.​ Our various collaborations include an initiative with Rocacorba Cycling, led by Ashleigh Moolman Pasio, bringing Olympic-level expertise to our athletes. At our academy, we focus on 4 main pillars.

1. Education Beyond Boundaries

Bicycles serve as gateways to knowledge, overcoming the challenge of long distances to schools.

2. Mentorship on the Move

Mentorship transcends boundaries. It enables us to shape character and inspire confidence during training rides.

3. Personal Development 

A journey of personal development teaches resilience and perseverance through the joy of overcoming hurdles.

4. Community Empowerment

Besides being a mode of transport, bicycles are instruments of community empowerment, challenging stereotypes and inspiration.


"Cycling For All," also known as Khaltsha Cycling Academy, is a non-profit organisation that empowers women and girls through cycling. The academy is a movement born from the conviction that education and sport can revolutionise the destinies of young girls in South Africa. 

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A talent pathway for future eSport World Champion from South Africa. A team of 30 riders to compete in Cycling South Africa eSports races including other local league races. Through our partnership with Rocacorba Collective selected riders will join the Premier Cycling Team of Rocacorba Collective. This is a high-level team competing at the pinnacle of virtual cycling.

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Creating social, fun and rewarding racing opportunities for all abilities. This will be a series of races/ eSport Centre racing league for members and anyone wishing to experience virtual cycling.

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Ready to Pedal Progress Together?

Join Khaltsha Cycling Academy on a journey of empowerment and impact. Elevate your brand alongside ours and be a driving force in shaping the future. Consider becoming a sponsor or mentor in one of our programmes. Your support can make a lasting difference. Let's create a legacy together!


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